Importance Of Co-Curricular Activities

All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This saying has been around for many years, which is proof enough of how important co-curricular activities are to a student. Although these activities are not a part of the regular academic curriculum, they play a huge role in keeping students active and even grow creatively. Interestingly, many schools and colleges like All Saints College give prominent importance to co-curricular activities to help students achieve an all rounded growth during their formative years. According to the experts at, co-curricular activities help students develop different skills like leadership, team spirit, confidence, speaking skills, and so on.

Some of the commonly held co-curricular activities at the top ranking schools and colleges include:

· Drama
· Music
· Rowing
· Netball
· Badminton
· Karate
· Poem Recitation
· Quiz Competitions
· Talent Shows
· Painting
· School Choir
· Scout Training
· School Band
· Cheerleading
· Activity Clubs
· Science Club
· Yoga

Although the list of co-curricular activities depends on each school or college, the management boards of these institutions are beginning to realize the importance of these activities and have started becoming more supportive. In some institutions and these activities are conducted after the end of school hours, whereas some institutions prefer to allot some time in a week during regular school hours to these activities. As long as the students get to partake in activities other than studies, the time really does not matter. It also gives students to explore different venues and find out their interests and even help them decide what to become when they grow up.

Interestingly many talented students have been discovered during extracurricular activities held at schools. Although school academics give only the brilliant and extremely smart students to shine, co-curricular activities give every student a chance to shine in their chosen field. According to the experts in the educational field, it is important to el the students pick their choice of extracurricular activities rather than forcing it on them. This makes the students more willing to improve themselves and try to excel in the field that they have chosen. Students should also be given a chance to change their chosen activity in case they feel that they do not fit in. Some schools offer trial weeks where the students can try out for different activity clubs before finalizing on one.

Some students discover what they want to do with the rest of their life via co-curricular activities. Many famous actors and actresses find their love of acting via school plays. Similarly, many students discover their ability to belt a note by participating in the talent shows held at their school or college. These co-curricular activities actually offer the students to show that they are more than mere students devoted to academic learning. They get to explore other vistas of life and find which one they excel in. Many students even turn into professional athletes after excelling at school sports competitions. Inter school competitions also give the students a chance to develop team sportsmanship and work together in achieving the championship trophy.